Magisk Delta App 27.0 – Latest APK and ZIP (Official)

Magisk Delta APK

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???? App NameMagisk Delta APK
???? Last UpdatedFeb 21, 2024
???? Version27.0
???? Requirements6.0+
✅ File Size12.3 MB
???? DeveloperHuskyDG

Magisk won’t be a hassle after you’ll try out the most stable mod, Magisk Delta APK developed by HuskyDG; a systemless rooting method with MagiskHide and superuser privileges without modules. 


System Install

Bootloop Protector

Rooting an Android smartphone, gaining superuser permissions, and installing privileged android apps are all the interlinked freedoms, but convenience comes your way when you choose a proper root provider. We have seen thousands of protocols that Android users can employ for rooting their device, but most of the time they end up either bricking their device or getting stuck in the boot loop.

If that looks even a little of your story, you need an advanced routing protocol, and only for the same reason, we recommend Magisk Delta APK. Magisk is a huge name in android rooting and getting access to tremendous modules which are capable of tweaking almost every API and developer options. In other words, if you are seeking the eternal freedom of using an Android device with every key to unlock multiple doors, the Delta version can help you well.

It comes in three different versions, where you’ll find the Stable option for default usage, Debug version with enormous important debuggers, and the Canary version being a stable one with debug options. We’re going to include every important aspect to know about the Android rooting and Magisk, as well as the most convenient modification of Magisk, i.e., Magisk Delta APK. Time to learn about the app, installation procedure, and best use cases.

Why is Root access important?

It’s important to go technical first, technical, and so on. Android operating systems are developed by using the Linux kernel and modifying it to the most convenient interface for a smaller screen. It was designed to let the freedom seek directly through your fingertips, but things don’t come completely raw. In terms of Android smartphones, all the smartphone brand developers keep the super-user access disabled for the normal users.

Although, these things also have their own plus points, as Android rooting also comes with a batch of limitations. Back to the point, these phones come without the Root Access, and when you need the freedom back, rooting an android device is the last option that remains. When you root your device, you first unlock its bootloader, the place where most of the Android’s initial procedures get performed.

After unlocking it, you can root your device and get the root access to overcome all those limitations that were fixed by your smartphone’s brand developers, installing specialized third-party apps, or enabling advanced APIs. Now, it’s privileged to root an android phone just because it gives you administrator-level permissions, and access to the options which otherwise are only the functions for developers. Let’s now get to choose the best rooting protocol.

What is Magisk Delta APK?

When Magisk touched peaks of rooting technologies and made the most ridiculous tasks look superficial to be performed just in moments, the updating period got started. When we discuss the present moment, we’re up to Magisk, containing more amazing features and freed from many bugs. But in this huge way, within making newer advancements, they also took some steps back, removing a few features which conflicted with others.

Magisk Delta App

There were some options that everyone liked heatedly, including MagiskHide and the ability to run the core-only mode. Currently, both these features are off the official Magisk and for the same reason, a newer developer, HuskyDG developed Magisk Delta. This version is a ditto replica of the Magisk, where everything is the same except that they added a few additional features, including the older MagiskHide.

Moreover, this development is more convenient to use and stable with most of the Android devices. You can call it lighter than the official Magisk in many terms, but remember that it’s not supported by the official developer, topjohnwu. The initial interface is different with an icon of a Husky and the exact inside interface for better convenience.

Difference between Magisk and Magisk Delta

Before choosing between the official Magisk and Magisk Delta, the important step is to get them both differentiated on numerous important aspects. We have chosen a few of them and acknowledged relatively down below, including the interface and some of the features –

User Convenience

We have seen this many times through the reviews given to Magisk app; the Zygisk once been enabled on, gives a bit of lag and slower processes. As a difference, you can keep it disabled in the Magisk Delta app as despite that, you can go using the MagiskHide. This will make it more convenient hiding the Magisk usage from your device and use more applications without any root cause error.


Magisk and Magisk Delta may sound exact in terms and protocol versions, but the developers for both are different. The Delta version of the project was modified by HuskyDG, even though it was created by topjohnwu. So we can mark it up in the differences.


The complete app interface of both these versions are the same, except for the logo and initializing interface. Actually, when you launch the Magisk app on your device, it shows a blue screen with a Magisk icon, whereas the Delta version contains a red colored screen with a Husky icon. That’s the only difference, but it factors a lot as there is still a change in overview of interface.

Additional Features

Magisk Delta is complete Magisk, the same thing you may be using right now, except for a few additional options. These options include the access to MagiskHide, Core-only mode, a lighter version, a similar installation procedure, and most importantly, the Boot loop Protector. We’ll learn more about these features in the next section, but here these features are the last differences found.


Magisk Delta is a systemless root method same as the Magisk, which never needs you to make any changes in system except for unlocking the bootloader and flashing a zip file. If your phone is rooted, try making a switch to Magisk Delta for a few days, or if you’re not a root user, still you should try, and it’ll appoint you the best. For now, let’s go ahead to learn about a few features available with Magisk Delta only –


Bootloop Protector

Bootloop Protector is what we discussed above, but he had just taken the name of this feature. Although the name may have given you a front overview of the application, this section will show you more about it. This feature comes in the way of a toggle that you can enable anytime you want from the Magisk Settings. Once it is enabled, you shouldn’t be concerned with boot loop problems, as it restricts these loops when your phone gets rebooted to install modules.


Core-only Mode

We also marked something about convenience up above, and saying it a lighter version sounded a little immaterial with not many sources. Here is the biggest source, Core-only Mode. This mode, once enabled on Magisk, clears the usage of multiple Magisk Modules which are trying to get you superuser access. In exception, this feature gives you core support of SU access for most of the tasks to keep it stable and convenient.

Magisk Logo.svg


There are tremendous Android applications available for the Android smartphones which cannot work with the Magisk installed on your device. Hiding the name of Magisk can work, and that’s why we use Zygisk normally. But the old feature MagiskHide is back again with the Magisk Delta version, and so you won’t have to hide Magisk using Zygisk. Keep it turned off, give it a check through the Safety Net.


Custom init.rc

If you don’t know about the init.rc, it primarily delivers the generic initialization instructions to the system software to break most of the limitations. Before the Delta variant, we had to boot the image file of init.rc before injecting their scripts, but now there won’t be any need for that. All you need is to make a switch to Delta’s convenience for getting all such features.

sound controller

Modifications and Customizations

Magisk Delta provides the unrooted Android smartphones with the same root access that they get through the official Magisk thing. All the modifications and customizations that we cannot do on our Android phones are just the locked developer options and lack of superuser access on our phones. Once we use this app and conveniently flash a zip file, the things will get easier to be customized and modified merely.

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Install Custom ROMs

One of the most important privileges that Android users gain after rooting their smartphones is the option to install Custom ROMs. You can install any Custom ROM on your device once you have the support of Magisk Delta, and it’d even become way easier than the other root protocols for having the privileged Magisk Modules.

user interface

Use Privileged Apps

You must have heard about some privileged apps that only work on rooted smartphones with their complete capabilities. Say we have Lucky Patcher with all doable patches, Magisk Manager, containing a plethora of privileged Modules, Solid Explorer File Manager app with superuser access, and Ad Away to get rid of those online advertisements. You can’t use any of them if your phone isn’t rooted.

Limitations of rooting smartphone

Major online bloggers paint the face of rooted smartphones with devil colors. That’s why we won’t just discuss the features, but also a few limitations you would have to go through once after rooting your android device. These are the limitations related to rooting Android through any protocol, either Magisk, TWRP, or any other:

???? Stuck in Boot loop

My friend tried this in old school when he was lying on his hostel bed with a PC, following the steps shown on screen to root his Lenovo smartphone. That phone didn’t wake up until today. In that case, it’s important to know that rooting can also brick your smartphone, or it can get stuck in the Boot loop getting restarted again, and again. Be careful while rooting your device and use the prominent root protocols only like the Magisk Delta APK.

???? Voids Device Warranty

Once you unlock the Bootloader of your smartphone, which is the first step of gaining root access, you simply void your device’s warranty. That’s the reason why people use older smartphone models and brands to root them, as they lose warranty period until the term. So we won’t recommend you root a brand-new Android smartphone, or you can go ahead if you’re ready to void its warranty.

???? Increased Security Risks

First of all, security risks don’t come so often with rooted smartphones, but they arise with the frequent usage of privileged android apps. There are some unofficial apps which can put bugs and viruses in your phone to make it less secure for the next attacks. That’s why we keep recommending Android rooters not to use such apps more frequently before knowing well about them.

Download Magisk Delta APK

To download Magisk Delta APK, simply click the Download Magisk Delta APK button below. Once the download is complete, install the APK file on your device.

cropped magiskdetla favicon
App NameMagisk Delta APK
Last Updated21 Feb, 2024
File Size12.3 MB

????Changelog 27.0

Here we got three different versions of Magisk Delta APK based uniquely, where one is the stable version for all the general and privileged uses, debug version with lots of debugging accesses, and the Canary version for having better stability than the debug. Choose any of these versions as per your convenience and usage cases. Click the link, and you’ll get redirected to the official download page of Magisk Delta.

Lastly, you just have to follow these few steps, that’ll make you all good for the downloading –

1. Click any of the above download links based on the version you want to download.

2. Afterward, you’ll get to the official download page.

3. Hit the download button on that page and allow for the storage permission if asked.

4. Click the Download button one more time while keeping the location memorized.

Download Magisk Delta ZIP

To download Magisk Delta ZIP, simply click the Download Magisk Delta ZIP button below. Once the download is complete, you can flash the ZIP file using a custom recovery, such as TWRP.

App NameMagisk Delta ZIP
Last Updated21 Feb, 2024
File Size12.3 MB

Note: Please be aware that installing Magisk Delta may void your device’s warranty. Only do it if you know the risks involved.

How to root an Android device with Magisk Delta?

As we have downloaded the Magisk Delta APK from the above download links, now all we have to do is to get the Android phone rooted with it. Pushing all the capabilities that your smartphone has limited for you, and getting access to the privileged android applications can go through root access. Unrooted phones must need to have the bootloader unlocked on your device. If you’re done with that, start following the below procedure –

1. Download the Magisk Delta APK file from the above link.

2. Open the File Manager app on your phone and get to the Downloads folder.

3. Rename the recently downloaded APK file extension from .apk to .zip.

4. Remember the location where you kept this zipped file and reboot your smartphone to recovery mode. (Most of the phones can get to recovery mode by unique button combinations like holding Power Button + Volume-Up Button or Power Button + Volume-Down Button.)

5. Once the recovery mode is operated, navigate to the location where you kept the renamed file.

6. Find that precise ZIP file and click install, swipe the downside bar to start installing it.

7. Wait until the whole process gets performed and click the Reboot device at the end that’ll get your phone rebooted.

Now, you’ll see the Magisk Delta app installed and available on the home screen of your phone’s interface. Click and open it to see all those features and try enabling the important features we talked above about. Also, mention your most loved features in the comments section below.

Troubleshoot and FAQs

Is Magisk Delta different from official Magisk?

Yeah, Magisk Delta is different from the official Magisk in terms of a few aspects, including the availability of MagiskHide, Core-only Mode, and advanced stability in favor of the Delta version.

How to enable MagiskHide in Magisk Delta?

If you want to enable MagiskHide, you can find it at the same place it was before. Get to the Settings menu of Magisk Delta by clicking that top-right icon. Afterward, scroll down and search for the MagiskHide toggle; finally enable it and try checking Safety Net again.

What is the Core-only Mode of Magisk Delta?

Core-only is a SU access mode in this app which helps you acquire most of the module related SU options without using those precise modules. In that manner, your phone works with a proper stability leaving space for modules for other procedures.

How to download and install Magisk Modules on Magisk Delta APK?

Magisk Modules would work exactly as they worked in the official Magisk. The complete list of modules can be found on the same Magisk Module app and installed after clicking that instant Install button for particular modules.

Can I use Magisk Delta without rooting my phone?

Magisk Delta is a Magisk App with some modifications, and so you can understand that this app cannot work without the root access. It even was developed to provide you with the superuser with more convenience and stable protocol.


Magisk Delta is going to assist all those Magisk fans whoever want a lightweight, faster, and less overhead Magisk Mod to access better route options. However, the app is still in the development stage and HuskyDG is working on the minimal concerns marked by a few people on GitHub. The support would be inevitable, and you can call Magisk Delta the future of Magisk to have built-in Busy Box binary and MagiskHide kind of amazing features.